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Hey, Its only been 6 days and 2019 already rules. Lots of new gear, artists and music coming through this year. Follow us on the Gram to see whats happening, its the only thing we really update regularly (well… more than once a year).

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Lots of big changes in 2017, some of us have moved on to greener pastures and some fresh faces have joined in. We installed a new console and added lots of great gear to the fold. Most importantly, we worked with some of our favorite artists making lots of killer records this year. With that […]

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Well, 2016 was a pretty great year in the studio despite things getting pretty rough outside. Lots of great records were cut in this place, and the good vibes were plentiful. 2017 is looking to be the start of a very intense period for this country. So lets stay creative and try to keep the […]

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