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Sorry for the long gaps between updates, we’re admittedly not the best at interneting. But we’ve had a great year so far, and with only a few weeks left in the 2015 I figured I’d write a quick update. There’s been some great records we recorded this year and didn’t get a chance to post about. SO i’m gonna share a few; Ecstatic Visions’ “Sonic Praise” is a journey into heavy psych rock with an Eastern touch. Out now on Relapse Records. Honah Lee released “33 on 45″ a fast paced, melodic yet heavy punk/pop record for fans of Green Day/Weezer/Replacements. Out now on GTG Records. Ruby The Hatchet released their second full length album “Valley of the Snake” which dives deeper into the riff heavy world of stoner rock while adding a solid dose of psychedelic effects. Out now on Tee Pee records. So if you haven’t already, check these records out, all great releases from legit hard working bands. More updates to come.

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